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Meghan Caves

-Owner/EP of Gone Rogue Entertainment
-Professional TTRPG GM/Player


Meghan has spent a lot of her time streaming TTRPGs (that's Table-Top Role Playing Games) on the interwebs! Here you can find what shows Meghan is currently a part of as well as a comprehensive list of everything Meghan has been a part of in the RPG world!

Meghan is getting her feet wet in creating her own content as well. You can stay ahead of the rest by following her company Gone Rogue Entertainment and checking out their Ko-Fi! You can check out the kind of stuff she is doing on her Youtube channel and at!

Here you can find films, theatre, and other acting shenganigans including headshots, resume, and reels!

Meghan is constantly evolving her skills and diving down a new random special interest! Here you can see what other kinds of art she creates and things she enjoys!

About Meghan

Meghan grew up in Norman, Oklahoma, went to college at the University of Oklahoma, and got herself a shiny BFA in Drama with Acting emphasis. She then hopped in her car and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of becoming an actor just like the other 22,348 people that year. Like ya do, she learned to teach yoga, paint miniatures, to make tiny clay owls that look like Wonder Woman and the Doctor, had comic book artist Brian Buccellato draw her high-fiving the Flash - you know, the usual. She also took karate because why the hell not!? But when she found the world of streaming RPGs, and that's when everything kicked into high gear!


Joining the Twitch channel Saving Throw, she became a player, then a social media manager, then a producer, then a GM, and more! During that time she learned to build promos and gained some self-taught editing skills. She learned A LOT about producing and running a live TTRPG show while mixing in her theatrical background to create live dramas with characters that she fell in love with. She has since continued to play games and other stuffs within the world of streamed and pre-recorded online content as well as founding her own production company in October of 2021, Gone Rogue Entertainment! At Gone Rogue she is creating all things mysterious, creepy, and everything in between! She has her own TTRPG content as well as short films, and more!


Meghan LoooOOOOooOOOoooVES cats, especially her cats Zuko and Ghost; she likes to cook and bake; Doctor Who is her heart and soul; give her all the haunted house/ghost story horror she can get; she loves to sing, but is terrified for you to hear it; she loves dialects, and art, and traveling, and magick, and chatting about her autism and other neurodivergence, her journey of understanding herself through this newly discovering queer lens, and probably a million other things that would be good to add here!

That's Meghan! Messy, playful, and full of adventure!



Thanks for reaching out!

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